Sales Department Organization, Selling Skills and Process Improvements

An Opportunity to Increase Sales

  • Organizing the sales department.
  • Developing appropriate sales processes.
  • Improving the selling skills of the sales team.
  • Leveraging the investments in sales consultants to increase revenue.

Integrating the Fundamentals of an Effective Sales Department

  • Spent time in the field with various salespeople to understand the selling environment, identify an appropriate sales call process, and gained an understanding of the customers’ value rivers
  • Developed a step-by-step sales process that gained customer engagement, communicated Arborscapes’ unique selling proposition, and enabled sales consultants to uncover the main problems and associated opportunities
  • Developed lead behaviors for sales consultants that represented the most important behaviors of sales consultants that lead to closed sales
  • Developed metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of sales consultants’ performance and assisted in the creation of a sales scorecard
  • Worked with the CEO to develop a sales commission program that was economically sound for the company and motivated the right sales behaviors
  • Instituted a structured sales meeting routine that provided a good balance between sales consultant accountability, and increases in technical and selling skills knowledge

Service Testimonial

Billy Davis, CEO, Arborscapes