Years of Experience in B2B and B2C Sales

Neal Lappe

(Founder & CEO)


Randy Asbell

(Partner, Director of Business Development)

Randy Asbell applies expert knowledge, industry experience, and a relentless passion to solving company’s sales issues. After college, he joined the sales team at Circuit City and was quickly promoted to Sales Manager, Store Manager, District Manager and left in 2003 as Regional Vice President.

He then joined a Property Management Company and helped turn it into one of the most profitable companies in the country by re-engineering under-performing properties to maximize cash flow and ROI. In 2007, Randy joined a top Consulting & Training Company and soon became Chief Operating Officer until leaving to join the team at Selling Forensics.

As a Partner and Director of Business Development at Selling Forensics, Randy enjoys helping companies improve all things sales related such as; Sales Process, Sales Management, Talent Assessment, Revenue Generation and Leadership Coaching. The common connection that Randy has with each one of his clients is his ability to improve sales and sales management. This has been the secret to his success with every position he has ever held.

With more than 25 years of experience, Randy has the ability to work effectively with any sales team, listen to their ideas, develop specific programs and help implement the changes necessary for each specific team.

In his spare time, Randy enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter and their 2 rescue pups. He works out regularly and is somewhat a car nut. He also enjoys outdoor activities such as water skiing, snow skiing and golf.


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