Improved Sales Closing Rates
Among Field Sales Team –
Selling Direct to Consumers

A Competitive Situation

A Customized Solution to Achieve the Objective

  • All sales reps completed the CPQ sales assessment as a means to better understand their natural strengths and areas of development
  • Selling Style reports were developed for each rep informing them about their natural selling style and how that influences the different types of buyers they encounter
  • Identified the main “pain and gain” motivators for why a customer buys
  • Created a 4-step calling routine
  • Developed a questioning routine to better understand the customer’s “pain and gain” motivators, and integrated trial closing methods
  • Identified the most frequent sales objections, developed a method for overcoming those objections including powerful marketing statements
  • Worked on techniques to ask for the sale and developed sales closing questions to ensure reps were asking for the sale with confidence
  • Several interactive role-plays were used to drive knowledge and behavior changes

Service Testimonial

Joe Donchez, Sales Manager, Virginia Green