Sales and Leadership Development

Get Your Sales Team Performing at Higher Levels

  • Analyze your current sales organization against sales best practices
  • Develop your prospecting and sales sequence to align with your target market
  • Improve your pipeline velocity and closing rate

Fractional Sales Management

Get the Best Value in Sales Management

  • Part-time skilled sales coaching and development for your people
  • Evaluation and development of a refined sales process that leads to better closing rates
  • Skill development based on the unique sales environment for your customers

Revenue Generation Beyond Your Sales Team

Get Your Non-Sales, Customer-Facing People to Generate More Leads and Sales

  • Assessing how your non-sales, customer-facing people can contribute to your sales efforts
  • Identifying the best, few activities that your people can execute to create sales opportunities
  • Developing metrics and scorecards that inspire your people to excel

Sales Talent Assessments

About Half of Sales Success Comes from Natural Sales Talent

  • How the individual compares to 9 dimensions of proven natural sales compatibility
  • A coaching plan that details how the person can improve in their unique development areas
  • Details about the individual’s natural communications and selling styles