Leveraging Existing Contacts to Generate More Business

Attorneys Can Be Good at Business Development

Implementing a Firm Wide Sales Initiative

  • Conducted interviews with a select group of attorneys at the firm to understand
  • Had each attorney complete the online CTS sales assessment as a means to educate each person on their natural communication style
  • Developed a chart that provided attorneys suggestions about what to say and how to obtain information during their various interactions with customers
  • Developed lead sales behaviors over which each attorney had full control and were simple enough to implement in their day-to-day activities
  • Discussed how to make the first contact and how to nurture qualified leads through the typical B2B sales funnel
  • Created a method for measuring lead behavior performance and a visual scorecard that displayed how the firm was doing against their lead sales behaviors
  • Conducted a training program with the attorneys to educate them about their own natural communications style and how to assess the communications style of their customers as a means to improve relationships with existing customers

Service Testimonial

John Messersmith, President & Managing Partner, KPM Law Firm