Sales Training at National Sales Summit Event – Selling in a Competitive B2B Environment

Annual National Sales Summit

Selling in Today’s B2B Environment

  • All participants completed the CTS sales assessment as a means to better understand their natural strengths and areas of development
  • Selling Style reports were developed for each rep informing them about their natural selling style and how that influences the different types of buyers they encounter
  • Discussed selling in the current B2B environment, and the top behaviors and characteristics of today’s elite B2B sales professionals
  • Identifying the different buyers in the firms to which they wanted to sell and how to find and connect with them
  • Discussed how to make the first contact and how to nurture qualified leads through the typical B2B sales funnel
  • Development of marketing messages that can be used to get a prospect’s attention and separate Lineage from the competition
  • Interactive group/team small group discussions were used to develop lead nurturing methods and marketing messages

Service Testimonial

Scott Chapman, SrVP – Sales & Marketing