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Fractional Sales Management – A Partner to the Small Business CEO

Small business owners have it tough…intense need to grow revenue, and limited time and resources to handle all the challenges of running your own business.  I’ve learned from my 15 years as a business owner that there’s one perennial challenge – generating leads and capturing sales to support a business in which the cost structure […]

Sales Closing Rate – 3 Ways to improve it

As a fractional sales manager and trainer, the most frequent question salespeople ask me is this – “I have a lot of proposals out but I can’t seem to close them.  Help me improve my close rate.” My response is always the same – “I can definitely help you improve your close rate, but it’s […]

Self Awareness meets Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Wikipedia defines Self-awareness as “The capacity for introspection and the ability to recognize oneself as an individual separate from the environment and other individuals”. Self-Awareness is also the foundation of success and personal growth. Daniel Goleman calls it the ‘keystone’ of emotional intelligence and the ability to recognise your emotions and know your strengths and […]