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Selling Strategies – The Four C’s of Social Selling on LinkedIn

How can you use LinkedIn (LI) in your selling activities?  That’s a question we get frequently from our clients and the sales consultants we coach.  LI has emerged as a beast, particularly in the B2B selling space, and has made networking far easier and less time consuming than the old days.   In the BL […]

You Have Sales Resources – Use Them!

Everyone knows that closing sales is the lifeblood for any organization but many businesses fail to implement the tools and resources that will generate positive results. Let’s start from the beginning with hiring the right person. Why is it so difficult for Business Owners/Managers to recruit and retain highly productive, professional salespeople if sales is […]

Sales Skills – How to become a trusted advisor

Salespeople, particularly salespeople in certain industries, are among the least respected occupations out there, bested only by attorneys and politicians.  Now that’s not me talking, but the annual survey done by the Gallup research organization. Why is that?  This article answers that question along with how salespeople  can develop their sales skills and transform from […]