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Overcoming Sales Objections – 4 Strategies for Getting Past Issues

Whether you call it a sales objection, conflict resolution or resolving concerns, all salespeople will encounter situations in which they have to deal with an objection or something with which the customer disagrees.  This is a critical part of sales leadership.  This article provides 4 strategies for overcoming sales objections. What are you most common […]

5 “Best Practices” From Top Sales People

  1. Setting goals – Not only do the top sales people set revenue goals, they set personal goals as well. Most of the top sales people that I have interviewed over the years will have a personal goal that drives their professional goals. For example, I recently spent time with a top commission salesperson […]

Should You Have a Fractional Sales Manager?

Small businesses often start because the founder has a unique skill, product or process that creates a competitive advantage in the marketplace.  Most often, these founders haven’t had sales experience and in some cases no leadership experience.  They are great people with great ideas but haven’t had the experiences that equip them to be effective […]