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Sales Management – How to identify a natural born salesperson

Sales managers and leaders are always on the search for good salespeople.  They’re hard to find.  Sales is a unique occupation – a demanding one with huge potential payoffs.  So what do you look for in a salesperson – one who has the potential to be a star? An article in Harvard Business Review (HBR) […]

Why Sales and Leadership Seminars Are Worth Attending

  Business Owners, Executives, and Sales Managers—Attending a seminar or sending your salespeople to one is a great way to learn new techniques, become more confident in your job and bring fresh ideas back to your business.  After years of attending and then facilitating many seminars, I have recapped the top 10 reasons why seminars […]

Sales Management – 3 Elements to a Good Sales Strategy

Sales organizations run a huge risk of marginalizing their results if sales management and their corresponding sales activities aren’t part of a larger sales strategy.  In our years of working with challenged sales organizations of all shapes and sizes, we’ve learned there are three critical elements to having an effective sales strategy, and without a […]