Sales Learning Resources

What makes an effective sales manager?

Good sales departments are organized around 3 main pillars of performance; culture, people, and process. When sales departments aren’t performing, it’s likely you’ll find the source in one or more of these three areas. Additionally, according to the Challenger Study conducted a few years ago among high performing sales cultures, four key attributes were uncovered […]

10 selling skills buyers want from B2B salespeople

Selling to other businesses has many unique elements – some of which may include a more sophisticated buyer, a more complex situation, multiple buyers, and other challenges. Being the sales consultant your buyers want you to be, a great problem solver, and implementing the following selling skills, will most certainly lead you to more sales. […]

Sales Process – How to Ask for the Sale

Studies by sales organizations consistently identified “asking for the sale” as the most difficult selling skill to implement. Observations of salespeople have found that nearly half of sales calls end without an attempt to close the deal. That’s a sales process problem. This article explains why asking for the sale is difficult, when should you […]