Sales Process – How to Ask for the Sale

March 6th, 2018
  • Alternative close – “would you like to purchase 2 items or 3?”
  • Urgency close – “if you buy today, we can take 5% off the price”
  • Competitive threat – “we can only sell this to one competitor and if you don’t buy it your competitor may”

Is your buyer ready to be asked for the sale?

  • How do you feel about the project I have outlined for you?
  • What are your thoughts at this point?
  • What do you think about these recommendations?

When should you use closing techniques?

How to ask for the bigger sale?

  • Based on our schedule, we can get started next week. Would you like to get started?
  • We’re confident we can achieve your objectives. Would you like to start the project?
  • How would you like things to proceed from here?
  • What would you like the next step to be?
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