Sales Learning Resources

Good Sales Culture – Seven Criteria to Apply

There are seven criteria you can use to determine if your sales culture is healthy.  From having realistic expectations to prospecting, ongoing education and a rhythm of accountability, this article outlines the seven things that create a healthy and effective sales organization. Expectations Everyone wants to know what is expected of them, and ideally, each […]

Selling Strategies – The Four C’s of Social Selling on LinkedIn

How can you use LinkedIn (LI) in your selling activities?  That’s a question we get frequently from our clients and the sales consultants we coach.  LI has emerged as a beast, particularly in the B2B selling space, and has made networking far easier and less time consuming than the old days.   In the BL […]

Sales Skills – How to become a trusted advisor

Salespeople, particularly salespeople in certain industries, are among the least respected occupations out there, bested only by attorneys and politicians.  Now that’s not me talking, but the annual survey done by the Gallup research organization. Why is that?  This article answers that question along with how salespeople  can develop their sales skills and transform from […]

Sales Closing Rate – 3 Ways to improve it

As a fractional sales manager and trainer, the most frequent question salespeople ask me is this – “I have a lot of proposals out but I can’t seem to close them.  Help me improve my close rate.” My response is always the same – “I can definitely help you improve your close rate, but it’s […]

Sales Management – How to identify a natural born salesperson

Sales managers and leaders are always on the search for good salespeople.  They’re hard to find.  Sales is a unique occupation – a demanding one with huge potential payoffs.  So what do you look for in a salesperson – one who has the potential to be a star? An article in Harvard Business Review (HBR) […]

Sales Management – 3 Elements to a Good Sales Strategy

Sales organizations run a huge risk of marginalizing their results if sales management and their corresponding sales activities aren’t part of a larger sales strategy.  In our years of working with challenged sales organizations of all shapes and sizes, we’ve learned there are three critical elements to having an effective sales strategy, and without a […]

Overcoming Sales Objections – 4 Strategies for Getting Past Issues

Whether you call it a sales objection, conflict resolution or resolving concerns, all salespeople will encounter situations in which they have to deal with an objection or something with which the customer disagrees.  This is a critical part of sales leadership.  This article provides 4 strategies for overcoming sales objections. What are you most common […]

Should You Have a Fractional Sales Manager?

Small businesses often start because the founder has a unique skill, product or process that creates a competitive advantage in the marketplace.  Most often, these founders haven’t had sales experience and in some cases no leadership experience.  They are great people with great ideas but haven’t had the experiences that equip them to be effective […]

Sales Performance – 3 Strategies for Elite Salespeople

Elite salespeople are the top 20% in their industries.  One stat I read recently reported the top 20% sell 62% of goods and services.  This excludes large capital sales.  How can the top 20% sell nearly two-thirds of all goods and services, while the remaining 80% only get what’s left? There are several reasons for […]