What makes an effective sales manager?

March 25th, 2018
  • Selling skills (32%)
  • Coaching skills (28%)
  • Leadership skills (24%)
  • Administration skills (16%)

Selling skills of the sales manager

  • Alignment of company culture with marketing, customer communications and sales methods
  • Creation of individual salesperson business plans
  • Identifying unique elements of the company’s offerings
  • Forming a strategic selling plan – what is sold and to whom it is sold
  • Identifying customer values drivers and forming the power statement
  • Prospecting and lead generation strategies/tactics
  • Evaluating and refining the sales processes
  • Developing selling skills among the sales team – questioning skills, trial closing techniques, objection handling, closing, etc.

Coaching skills of the sales manager

  • Conducting weekly one-on-one meetings with each member of the sales team
  • Using a good sales assessment tool to understand strengths and areas of development, and using the information to improve performance
  • Teaching salespeople how to effectively qualify prospects to avoid pursuing unqualified leads
  • Identifying the appropriate sales training resources and bringing them to the sales team
  • Creating and implementing Individual coaching and development plans
  • Doing ride-alongs in the field with salespeople to observe and coach

Leadership skills of the sales manager

  • Developing and implementing a routine for uplifting sales meetings
  • Analysis & development of sales culture
  • Developing attainable sales goals and breaking them down into their components
  • Evaluating how well the larger company supports the sales department
  • Creating and aligning incentive comp plans that drive and reward the right behaviors
  • Managing individual performance and making hard decisions about people when appropriate
  • Identifying weekly lead sales behaviors that fill the funnel with qualified prospects

Administration skills of the sales manager

  • Analysis and development of sales tools
  • Effective utilization of pipeline and funnel reports
  • Proper use of the CRM
  • Developing and implementing proper reporting within the department and for the company
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