Sales Learning Resources

7 Sins of Sales Leaders

After years of working with businesses of all shapes and sizes on their sales organizations, I’ve seen how sinful sales leadership can be.  Don’t get me wrong – I’ve worked with and learned from some very strong sales leaders.  But, over the last several years I’ve seen that many business owners and leaders of sales […]

Scam or not? It’s a big “No” from WSI Consultants!

What makes WSI the best franchise opportunity? Here’s Neal’s answer WSI has been around since 1995, when the digital marketing industry was just taking off. This franchise was ahead of the game then, and WSI does everything it can to keep franchisees like me ahead of the curve now. With a presence in over 80 […]

Good Sales Culture – Seven Criteria to Apply

There are seven criteria you can use to determine if your sales culture is healthy.  From having realistic expectations to prospecting, ongoing education and a rhythm of accountability, this article outlines the seven things that create a healthy and effective sales organization. Expectations Everyone wants to know what is expected of them, and ideally, each […]

You Have Sales Resources – Use Them!

Everyone knows that closing sales is the lifeblood for any organization but many businesses fail to implement the tools and resources that will generate positive results. Let’s start from the beginning with hiring the right person. Why is it so difficult for Business Owners/Managers to recruit and retain highly productive, professional salespeople if sales is […]

Fractional Sales Management – A Partner to the Small Business CEO

Small business owners have it tough…intense need to grow revenue, and limited time and resources to handle all the challenges of running your own business.  I’ve learned from my 15 years as a business owner that there’s one perennial challenge – generating leads and capturing sales to support a business in which the cost structure […]

Self Awareness meets Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Wikipedia defines Self-awareness as “The capacity for introspection and the ability to recognize oneself as an individual separate from the environment and other individuals”. Self-Awareness is also the foundation of success and personal growth. Daniel Goleman calls it the ‘keystone’ of emotional intelligence and the ability to recognise your emotions and know your strengths and […]

Sales Management – How to identify a natural born salesperson

Sales managers and leaders are always on the search for good salespeople.  They’re hard to find.  Sales is a unique occupation – a demanding one with huge potential payoffs.  So what do you look for in a salesperson – one who has the potential to be a star? An article in Harvard Business Review (HBR) […]

Why Sales and Leadership Seminars Are Worth Attending

  Business Owners, Executives, and Sales Managers—Attending a seminar or sending your salespeople to one is a great way to learn new techniques, become more confident in your job and bring fresh ideas back to your business.  After years of attending and then facilitating many seminars, I have recapped the top 10 reasons why seminars […]

Sales Management – 3 Elements to a Good Sales Strategy

Sales organizations run a huge risk of marginalizing their results if sales management and their corresponding sales activities aren’t part of a larger sales strategy.  In our years of working with challenged sales organizations of all shapes and sizes, we’ve learned there are three critical elements to having an effective sales strategy, and without a […]

Should You Have a Fractional Sales Manager?

Small businesses often start because the founder has a unique skill, product or process that creates a competitive advantage in the marketplace.  Most often, these founders haven’t had sales experience and in some cases no leadership experience.  They are great people with great ideas but haven’t had the experiences that equip them to be effective […]